RBI Cyber Security


Governments maintain cyber security measures to protect the integrity of critical infrastructure for financial systems, public health, science, and safety institutions, and defense, aerospace, and intelligence agencies.


Policy Controls

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    How RBI controls money supply with monetary policy
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    Highlights of RBI's third quarter review of the 2010-11 monetary policy review
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    Ministry of Finance
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Security Controls

  • Cyber Security Policy to be distinct from the broader IT policy / IS Security Policy of a bank
  • Arrangement for continuous surveillance
  • IT architecture should be conducive to security
  • Comprehensively address network and database security
  • Ensuring Protection of customer information
  • Cyber Crisis Management Plan
  • Cyber security preparedness indicators
  • Sharing of information on cyber-security incidents with RBI
  • Supervisory Reporting framework
  • An immediate assessment of gaps in preparedness to be reported to RBI




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For monetary transmission to occur, lending rates have to be sensitive to the policy rate, it was observed that base rates based on marginal cost of funds are more sensitive to changes in the policy rates.